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Pension Administration

Track participant data, interface with payroll and HRIS systems, calculate benefits, produce worksheets & retirement packets and provide employee self-service site that allows participants to review their pension data as well as model their retirement benefit. System can integrate with a calculation spreadsheet created by the actuary or perform benefit calculation using our internal calculation engine.

Vaccine Tracking

Track the vaccination and testing status of employees and store documents with proof of vaccine/tests. Robust reporting across user base. Automated notifications as well as a self-service portal .

Statement Generation

System record keeps pension data (DB and DC) and produces nicely formatted annual statements with robust graphs that detail the components of their retirement benefit.

Vested Term Cash Out Site

On-line record keeping system with self-service for employees to understand their vested benefit and to elect a payment and for Administrators to review data and report on election choices.

Disability Leave Management

On-line solution to track employees through the various stages of a disability leave, producing all of the forms and letters that are needed to manage the process.

HR Administration

Provides HR administration capabilities to payroll providers to augment their payroll offering. Includes real time bi-directional data exchange through a RESTFul API with their payroll database.

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ACA 1095-C Forms Generator

System to record keep employee data, perform calculations and generate 1095-C statements for H&W participants.

Severance Management System

Generates the forms & letters needed to move employees from one position to another as well as terminate those that are are longer needed for organizations that are merging or divesting. 

Incentive Compensation System

On line solution with payroll interface that tracks compensation and ratings information and allows the organization to manage their incentive comp payouts.  Manager self-service allows managers to enter goals, provide ratings, and generate statements that detail the payout to their employees.

Union Contract Cost Modeler

Sophisticated on-line modeler with robust spreadsheets and complex modeling formulas to model different H&W and Pension scenarios in real time during labor negotiations to understand with a high degree of granularity what a contract provision will cost.

Registration and Tracking

On-line solution to automate and track registrations to courses offered to employees. Workflow integration and e-mail notifications to appropriate managers.

HR / Benefits Vendors Budget Tracking System

On-line calculation and tracking tool for benefits manager to forecast and track payments to all of their vendors.

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