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Providing robust Retirement, H&W, and HR functionality since 2006

The hrMecca administration platform has been providing robust Retirement, H&W, and HR functionality since 2006. It was built from the ground up to be deployed over the Internet using a SaaS delivery model. The application is hosted from a SOC 2 Type II certified data center and clients access the application from any modern web browser (IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari). 

At hrMecca, we pride ourselves on operating as efficiently as possible.

Our organization has a number of qualities that allow us to operate with extreme efficiency. These include:

Administration Platform

Our administration platform is designed to be configured completely by business analysts and requires no intervention from IT resources. Screen designs, database schema, business logic, participant web pages, form letters, batch jobs, reports, interfaces and many other capabilities can all be configured by our benefits and HR experts. This means that the same staff that gathers the requirements perform the configuration. 

One Code Base

We leverage our core administration platform across all of our administration offerings. Because our product development team has focused on creating a flexible platform that allows us to create any benefits or HR solution, we don’t have application silos that target specific verticals. This allows us to have one code base that operates across all of the benefits and HR marketplaces that we operate in.

Flexible Tools

Using our screen builders, scripting tools, report/forms creator and other flexible tools, we build an application that suits your needs exactly. We do not force clients to make sacrifices to fit into our application requirements. Our clients end up with an application that suits their needs exactly.

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